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This is probably the most complete solution for pdf viewing, reading and downloading available today on any platform. While there are other, competing, non-official software programs available for download on your pc or android device, we believe that only the native software for pdf handling is recommended as it is far superior to other solutions.

What makes the official Adobe Acrobat Reader recommended to download?

In most part, the many features:

First, PDFs load faster and actually look better and more crisp on your mobile screen or even if downloaded on pc or laptop. They look and feel better compared to regular browser view or to a program downloaded from the internet when searching something like ‘how to open a pdf‘.

Second, there quite a lot of manipulations you can do to a pdf file out of the box, after downloading adobe reader for free. You can annotate the file and various types of notes and highlights. This is especially important when dealing with documentation, schoolnotes and other types of info that you really need to have documented.

The program also allows you to sign documents. If you ever needed this service you know how useful that can be (contracts, official papers etc.)

There are also some value added services that are available as a premium, and these include: separating PDF files to different pages, attaching and combining PDF files, creating and converting PDF files from other types of files such as DOC and images (JPG, PNG, TIFF etc.) and so much more.

I think that Adobe Reader is probably one of the more basic necessities of any mobile user or a desktop user for that matter. I think that every android or iOS phone should include one, maybe even out of the box. It gets a perfect 10 on my scale, and is very recommended to download and install.

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